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The art of passive income, generate money without daily commitment. See how ADE Vengerick  Capital can help you reach your financial goals. 

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Fine art investing was once reserved for the top 1% wealthy people. ADE Vengerick Art Capital is changing the rules and offering everyone from all walks of life to take advantage of the exciting art investment world. 

Investing in art is not only exciting and glamours it also offers a great deal of benefits. One of the most important is consistent returns that beat the markets even during high inflation and volatility. 

Since 2000, Art outperforms the S&P 500, returning over 360%*

Art is now widely considered an alternative investment that not only offers high returns but also a relatively low correlation to other financial assets in volatile and high inflation markets. 

Fine Art High Performance VS Stock Market last 25 years
*According to the Artprice100® Index.

Why invest in ADE Vengerick Capital Fine Art Fund

All Investment decisions utilize third-party appraisals expertise. Over 40 years fine art and investment experience, with annual fund ROI over 75% a year and $30M AUM.  

Low Barrier Entry

Add art to your investment portfolio today with just $1,000.


ADE Art Funds takes the guesswork out of art ownership.


Access pools of artwork by blue-chip, mid-career, emerging artists with one investment.


Our art funds have a track record of over 5 years high return history

Invest in paintings by some of the most popular artists

The acquired artworks associated with each fine art fund are paintings by blue-chip, mid-career, emerging, ands hot new digital artists. 

Gerhard Richter

52.58% Yearly Return

Pablo Picasso

9.85% Yearly Return

Yayoi Kusama

303% Yearly Return


200% Yearly Return

ADE Capita masterworks art fund

Art Investment Opportunities

Fine Art Fund Value

Art is the most popular passion investment for high net worth individuals on all continents, ranked as the third in its category in the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index in Q4’21.

How We Offer Client Value

‘First-in-Class’ Alternative Asset

Fine art offers consistant high returns and liquidity 

Proven Art Investing Experience

Our art funds have over 5 years high yield history

Quarterly Account Statements

We offer quarterly certified NAV updates using big data

Investor Added-Value

We create limited collections of associated NFTs, and fashion design products